The Giving Circle Afghanistan

The Giving Circle Afghanistan is a very special new project by The Giving Circle, a wonderfully unique non-profit organization that is 100% volunteer-led, which allows every penny of all donations to go straight to the people that need them.

We are proud to say that the first part of The Giving Circle’s commitment in Afghanistan – to build 3 additional classrooms for a local high school and provide supplies so that the school can better support its students – has been FULLY FUNDED by the generous Giving Circle community!! 

Stationary Distribution 2

This success is cause for celebration, but more importantly it allows TGC Afghanistan to move on to the second part of our commitment – to fund the creation of a teacher training program for young women from rural areas as well as scholarships for every potential teacher than is selected to attend. We hope that with this training program, which will grant a teacher’s certification to each woman upon graduation, will have long-lasting effects. Firstly, it will be a source of empowerment and a platform for advancement for the graduates, both in their field of education and in society as a whole. Secondly, as they return to their communities to teach, they will become positive and progressive role models for the children they interact with, and just by following through with their ambitions will help dismantle the social hierarchy that is already beginning to come apart at the seams. 

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to sponsor the scholarship of a young woman to attend this teacher training program for a total of just $200! This scholarship will cover the tuition, uniform, stationery and supplies, transportation, and room and board for the student for the duration of the training program. Our goal is to cover the costs for a group of 50 young women for the first program in 2019! 

If you would like to contribute but feel that a full scholarship is beyond your means at this time, you can also donate a smaller amount of your choosing to our Afghanistan Education Fund, which will help cover the general administrative costs of this teacher training program.

Please consider giving today – every dollar counts!